Sir Charles takes a subtle dig at the WNBA...

. Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Last night I was at a bar with a friend casually watching the Hawks-Heat “game” and talking about random stuff when I thought I heard Charles Barkley say something about the WNBA during the halftime show…

…This ain’t the WNBA…

Of course the volume was low and people’s voices were high so I couldn’t really make out much more… but fortunately, the TNT half-time shows are available online at And sure enough, Sir Charles did take a subtle dig at the WNBA...

Here’s the clip…and the segment in question begins at 4:01…

(Transcript below)

(4:01) Ernie Johnson: “At any rate, it’s a 63-40 game and we’ll be talking about what happened last night with Dwight Howard also with Rajon Rondo and Brad Miller…”


Charles Barkley: I love it baby. It’s about time someone hit somebody. This ain’t the WNBA.

EJ: Why don’t you get physical with... Get physical with Kenny, Charles.

CB: I don’t wanna hurt her.

OK…so was this the worst thing going on in the world yesterday? Certainly not.

Worth raising hell over? Consider the source...he's a loud mouth and should be taken with a grain of salt.

But was it a necessary comment? No…and it’s unfortunate that he felt the need to degrade the WNBA in making his point about the NBA. Oh well…

…but C-Webb, you can't let that fly -- I thought you appreciated the WNBA!

Anyway, can we hurry up and get to the LeBron-Kobe showdown, please? The rest of this just seems like a waste of time...

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